The Bulgarian-Indian Technology Forum “Mahatma Gandhi” (BIT Forum “Mahatma Gandhi”) aims to encourage, assist and support the development of contacts, initiatives and projects for mutual cooperation between Bulgarian and Indian scientific institutes, organizations and companies in the field of high technology, such as:

  •  Helps facilitate and implement technology transfers from India to the EU and vice versa.

  • Supports and coordinates initiatives to raise the level of education in high technology.

  • It stimulates the establishment of contacts between Bulgarian and Indian companies in the field of high technology in order to promote their products and services in Europe and India.

  • Supporting the activities of high-tech start-up companies.

  • Assists in the acquisition of high-tech knowledge, skills and culture in the growing generation, supports the training, specialization, qualification and re-qualification of young people with prominent skills in the field of information and communication technologies.

  • It stimulates youth scientific and technical research, inventive and other innovative activities.

To achieve its goals, the “Mahatma Gandhi” BIT Forum will carry out the following activities:

  • Stimulating innovation and co-operation between research institutes, universities and other related educational organizations from Bulgaria, India and the EU and popularizing the results of their activities.

  • Organize and coordinate the distribution and application of state-of-the-art Internet technologies.

  • Organization of conferences, symposia, seminars and trainings in connection with the development and application of modern solutions in the field of high technologies.

  • Creating conditions for the development of high-tech start-up companies and incubators for the realization of the ideas of young entrepreneurs.

  • Collaboration with funding organizations to provide scholarships for students in high technology specialties.

  • Setting up awards.

  • Assistance to scientific and educational institutions related to the Foundation’s purpose.